Selecting an Acne Treatment for Teenagers

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It is estimated that eight out of every ten teenagers will get some form of acne. This is because during puberty, hormonal changes cause sebum secretions to increase, clogging pores and leading to blackheads and pimples. Some teens may have mild to moderate acne, while others may have severe acne. Everyone is different, so what works for one person may not work for something else. The first step is to decide if a visit to the dermatologist is in order. There are prescription strength topical, oral and even light therapy treatments that can be done by a professional.

If the acne is painful, or occurs in large cysts that reach deep within the skin, this may be a sign that professional intervention is necessary. If you have tried over the counter remedies with no success, this is another indication that a dermatologist may be the way to go. Because some of the topical and oral medications have unwanted side effects, the use of special laser light applied to the skin (a painless procedure) to treat the acne is becoming increasingly popular with teens and adults.

For cases of mild to moderate acne, you can try an acne treatment for teenagers that is purchased over the counter. There are many brands, look for cleansers, toners and topical treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient can be drying, so if dry patches or uncomfortable tightness does occur reduce the use of the product or try an oil-free moisturizer after applying the product. For teen girls, avoiding cosmetics or only wearing those that are made for oily, acne-prone skin is recommended. Also, never pick at pimples or blackheads as this can lead to unsightly scars. For pesky blackheads there are strips on the market that whisk them away.

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