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Adult Acne Remedy

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An outbreak of acne is not something that just effects teenagers. Acne can occur in people at all ages. One of the common myths surrounding acne is that it’s caused when dirt and dust get clogged in our pores. This is only partially true. While external factors like dirt and dust do affect our skin, the main cause of acne lies inside our bodies.

Sometimes, our bodies have a hard time maintaining the correct hormonal balance. This hormonal imbalance is the one of the main causes of acne outbreaks.  These disturbances in our body are caused mostly by mental stress or severe physical ailment. Free radicals also have a big negative effect on our skin.

The most effective remedy for acne is one that has a big effect on both the internal and external factors that lead to acne. Most remedies available today are merely topical and only help in removing superficial blemishes. The good ones might also reduce skin inflammation. A lot of the time, these remedies have chemical components which can be really harmful if used for extended periods of time.

Luckily, there are remedies available today which help not just clear up the acne, but also attack the very root causes of acne. They work by fixing  the hormonal imbalance and oil production in your body. The very best acne treatments also contain antioxidants that kill harmful free radicals.

The best acne products are 100% natural and have no side effects. By combining  the goodness of collagens, aloe vera, ALA and other herbal ingredients that are known for their acne fighting capabilities, products like Acnezine Solution can take care of your acne problems once and for all.

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Acne in Adult Women (Adult acne women)

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As a rule, adult women face acne problems more regularly than men do. In fact, more than 30% to 40% women have at least a few acne outbreaks in their adult lives. This is because apart from external factors like dirt and dust, acne outbreaks are caused by hormonal changes. Since women undergo hormonal changes far more often than men do, they are more prone to acne outbreaks.

Menopause, pregnancy, child birth are among the leading factors that cause hormonal changes in women, which means they’re also one of the leading cause of acne outbreaks. Some women also experience more acne every month during their menstrual cycle. Hormonal balance can also be disturbed by stress, and with a lot of women under stress, this also can lead to acne outbreaks.

Hormonal imbalances lead to over secretion of our oil in the glands of our skin. This can give rise to bacteria in the pores of our skin, which may lead to acne. When dirt and dust gets clogged into our skin that is already oily, it can increase the chances of an outbreak of acne.

While proper skin care is essential in acne treatment, it’s not the only solution. A number of remedies available today only focus on reducing the oil content in our skin (which can lead to a stripping of essential oils), making out skin dry, tight and itchy. These are not effective remedies.

An effective remedy is one that corrects the hormonal imbalance within the body while clearing the skin of acne, pimples, spots, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads. It should restore the beauty of the skin while ensuring that the root cause of the acne has been treated. If you add to that the fact that it’s natural, you have the description of a good product. Acnezine Solution is that good product. If you’re a woman who suffers from acne, give it a try today.

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