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Understanding Acne in Teenagers

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The majority of teens will suffer from acne at some time or another. Acne in teenagers is very common because of the overload of oil, or sebum, produced during puberty. The good news is there are ways for teens to keep breakouts at bay and even prevent new ones from occurring. The first thing to do is evaluate the severity of the acne to decide on a treatment strategy. There are different types of acne that include blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules and cysts. If the acne is not painful and does not cover the majority of the face an OTC treatment might do the trick.

Many teens get acne either in clusters, especially on the forehead, around the nose and on the chin. Some get random pimples that pop up here and there. Either way, step one is keeping the face clean and sebum production to a minimum.

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Is The Exposed Acne Treatment The Best Way To Cure Your Spots?

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If you suffer from acne, you need to try the new exposed acne treatment range. Not only will this treatment range help to get rid of your spots, but it could help you stay spot free for even longer. Read on to find out more about the exposed acne treatment ranges available…

How to use exposed acne treatment range…
You’ll find everything you need to create your perfect daily skincare routine, in the exposed acne treatment range. Each day you’ll need to use three products to help you reduce and prevent your skin from breaking out into spots.

Step 1 – Use a daily exposed acne cleanser. This will help to detoxify and clean your skin.
Step 2 – The exposed acne treatment tonic will help you to restore a natural PH balance level, and clean your pores with gentle exfoliation.
Step 3 – The last step will renew and moisturise your skin, but also get rid of your black and white head spots.

What you’ll find in exposed acne treatment products
The exposed acne products use some of natures finest spot fighting ingredients such as – green tea extracts and tea tree oil. Both of the products help to clean your skin, reduce inflammation, promote new skin growth, and keep your skin healthy and nourished.

Why you should choose the exposed acne treatment range…
- You can expect to see drastic results in just 30 days or less
- Smooth healthy looking skin
- Has helped many get rid of their spots already
- Comes with a money back guarantee
- Evens out your skin tone
- Helps to reduce any existing acne scaring

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