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Treatment for Teen Acne

Written by Acnezine. Posted in Skin Care Articles

We all know that teenagers are more prone to acne than adults are. In fact, the first outbreak of acne for most people occurs during their teen years. This is because teens undergo massive hormonal changes at this stage in their lives.

Hormonal changes lead to over secretion of oils in the glands of our skin. This oil that becomes trapped in the pores of our skin can give rise to bacteria. This is what causes acne and irritation of the skin. Sometimes when dirt and dust come in contact with the oily pores of our skin, it gets trappedĀ  and causes acne.

One of the first things to think about when you have an outbreak of acne is keeping your face clean. If you wash your face regularly with water to clear away dirt, you can help prevent acne outbreaks. If you already have severe acne, you should avoid make up. If you only have mild acne, you can use makeup as long as you thoroughly clean your face afterwards.

It is important to remember not to clean or wash your face too much. In fact, you shouldn’tĀ  use soap or a face wash every time you wash your face. This is because over cleaning with harsh soaps can strip your skin of essential oils that are required to maintain elasticity. This will cause your skin to become dry, tight and itchy.

What you need is not just a superficial skin treatment, but a complete acne remedy that is specially designed for use by teens. It should not only help clear acne, spots and blemishes on your skin, but should also be able to control the level of oil secretion within your body. For the best results, going with a product like Acnezine, which is natural and safe, can be your best bet.

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