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Natural Remedies to Cure Acne

Written by Acnezine. Posted in Skin Care Articles

Rather than buying synthetic laboratory created acne remedies with ingredients you can’t pronounce, you may be looking for natural remedies to cure acne. The good news is that skin care and cosmetics companies are listening to their customers and releasing all-natural and herbal products made for acne and other skin conditions. There are some universal ingredients that you’re going to find in any topical acne product.

Benzoyl peroxide is a powerful acne fighter that is included in many products, but it can be drying. This is especially the case for adult acne sufferers who may also be dealing with dry spots and wrinkles at the same time. One natural product is Acnezine, a two part system that contains soothing aloe, chamomile, vitamin E and more to combat the drying effects of benzoyl peroxide for calm, clear skin.

You may find a weekly steam treatment is a good way to keep your pores cleansed along with whatever skincare program you select. This is easy to do, simply fill your sink bowl with steaming water, hold your face above it and cover your head with a light towel, making sure you are not too close to the water and can breathe comfortably. Ten minutes is long enough to loosen grime and prepare your skin for deep cleaning or blemish extraction.

Tea tree oil and witch hazel are more natural remedies to cure acne, although they would be more of a supplement than a cure. These ingredients are ideal for refreshing skin toners. If you remove your makeup with a cleanser for acne prone skin you may want to follow up with a toner just to make sure your skin is totally clean before applying a topical treatment.

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Acne Treatment Sensitive Skin Tips

Written by Acnezine. Posted in Skin Care Articles

One of the most aggravating skin conditions is that of acne. When using an acne treatment, sensitive skin may become red and dry. So this may leave you with two problems, breakouts and flaky, tight skin. Some products actually burn or sting sensitive skin. If you fall into the category of sensitive acne-prone skin, keep reading. You’ll learn some acne treatment sensitive skin tips that might work for you.

First of all, choose products that are made for your skin type. One product only available online is Acnezine. It is ideal for sensitive skin with acne because it features a topical product that has benzoyl peroxide as well as aloe, chamomile and lavender. It also comes with oral capsules that contain vitamin E, vitamin C, aloe, alpha lipoic acid and other skin soothing ingredients. This solution works inside and outside the skin for maximum benefit.

During acne treatment sensitive skin should be treated very carefully. Always apply products gently and don’t pull at the skin. Any eye creams you are using should be gently patted on with the ring finger. Also, you need to make sure the cosmetics you are using (if any) are also made for sensitive, acne prone skin. This type of skin is ideal for high quality mineral foundations and blushes because they are natural and may even improve your complexion over time.

As you can see there are many acne treatment sensitive skin tips you can use. Along with them, make sure you are consuming a healthy diet of whole foods and lots of fruits and vegetables. Adequare water intake is also crucial for body and skin health. Also, don’t forget to exercise. This benefits your body and helps oxygen reach your facial skin for a healthy, renewed glow.

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